General Photography

Lenswork is a photography fine art magazine solely dedicated to photography as an art. Lenswork on paper concentrates on black and white photography while lenswork extended, the BW magazine, is also stretching into colour photography. Have also a look (or a ear) into the podcast section which is worthwhile listening to

The Luminous-Landscape is a huge web site dedicated to photography. It is mainly technical oriented and has many good product reviews (less figures and numbers but real hands on reviews). The Luminous Landscape publication is a video journal worth to explore.

The web page of Magnum, world-famous photography agency owned by their photography members, strikes through its brilliant design and current reportage photography projects.

Bill Jay
Have you ever heard of Album, the long gone British photography magazine? Bill Jay is the man behind the magazine. Have a loook at his web page and you will be impressed how many books he wrote about photography. A good selection of his articles can be downloaded from his site. Today, he is also known for his portraits of famous photographers.

Technical Photography

Probably well known, one of the biggest pure technical photography news sites.

ICC View
This sites allows ICC profile uploads which than can be viewed and be compared with other ICC profiles.

This site features a wide collection of photo links starting from the camera obscura to the pinhole camera and the first photograph to digital photography. A good starting point for an evening surfing the web.

Astro Photography and Celestial Phenomena

Astronomy Picture of the day
Astronomy picture of the day offers a new astronomical photography every day. The pictures are well explained in a short text which includes many links about the subject. An automated background loader program allows uploading the most recent picture to your desktop on a daily basis.

On this page Manuel Jung posts his extraordinary astronomical captures. His terrestrial photographs are also worth looking at. The site includes technical articles about optical instruments and product reviews related to astro photography.

Space Weather Prediction Center
The page of the Space Weather Prediction Center offers data and graphics about the sun activity which allows predicting aurora activity. Measurements from satellites with polar earth orbits (POES) are found in the ‘POES aurora maps’ section.

Michigan Tech
This site offers a wide collection of links about aurora prediction and aurora photography.

Atmospheric Optics
Atmospheric optics is the best site I know that offers brilliant photographs and detailed information about all kinds of celestial phenomena. The explanations include well made graphics that make it easy to understand what’s going on and how the effects are generated. You may use the RSS feed of the ‘Today’s Feature’ to get pictures from astonishing effects on a frequent basis.


This program (which is currently a freeware) from the author von Friedemann Schmidt allws easy and comfortable georeferencing of you photos even if they are captured using the RAW format.

Gpsbabel translates a wide variety of gps formats into others and also allows direct reading GPS information (tracks, routes, waypoints) from your GPS receiver.

Kowoma offers detailed information about the gps system. It also links a GPS monitor showing the status of the satellites sending out the GPS signal.

Garmin is one of the bigger players in the GPS handheld business. Garmin is the manufacturer of the eTrex devices. Devices with an x in their name show the usage of SIRF receivers, the h in the name means that their own high sensitivity chipset was used in the device.

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