Muonio, Finland

Graz 2, Austria

Graz 1, Austria

baumnah, Graz, Austria

Trees are a very traditional subject in photography history. However, everybody is free to expolre this world for himself again and again: Here is ma vision.





To fotograph water is a very special challange. The ever changing movemet and structure of the water surface influencing all the reflections make photographing water thrilling.It requires long detailed observation to understand when to capture different moods. Influences by many factors, water color changes for example be the sky color reflected on the surface. At uneven water surfaces, i.e. waves, different areas of the sky are reflected toweards the observer. In coastal areas, the landscape itself is also reflected expanding the variabilty almost indefinitively. Well known are photos from still water beeing coloured by closeby red canyon walls. All the reflections are dependent on the angle the observer looks at the water surface. The impression of the same water area can change dramatically from standing on a peer to sitting in a kajak. The structure of the water surface is also influenced by the wind which superimposes small waves on the larger ones.

Utility Poles

Collection 1, Switzerland

Collection 2, Switzerland & Austria

On my past travel to work I frequently passed a region with a high density of high voltage for electrical power distribution as well as telegraph lines. First of all one thinks how to circumvent having all these masts in a possible picture beacuase they are mostly disturbing and especially the power lines itself cross pictures mostly at a unwanted place. With time I realised, who many differet types of power line masts and telegraph line masts exist and how interesting it was to observe how all these lines cross the landscape. A photography project was born. Especially in high densly poulated mid Europe it is easy to finf those masts everywhere and therewith one has a wide varity of photographic subjects on hand. Soon, you'll be delighted seeing a telegraph mast....


Collection 1

Collection 2

Collection 3

Collection 4

Travelling is always a delight. Seeing new things, experience different cultures but also comparing with home is a joy for me. To compare things is especially easy on items of the daily life. It is stunning how simple objects are built in a sometimes totally different approaches. To photograph how different things are realised in different cultures or countries is very effective as the resulting pictures can be presented directly side by side and the differences are getting even clearer then. You can actually start such a project with anything in daily life. To make life easy you should choose something quite easy to photograph and where access is not an issue. I selected bus-stations, in Europe very common and very esay to access.

1230 Wien

Collection 1

Vienna is structured into 23 districts. 1230 Wien is the ‚last' one. In this suburban zone urban buildings meet industry. Wine-Restaurant (Heurigen) are located next to villas, down the road you'll find apartment buildings. It's a messy arrangement of buildings. This is not what most people think of Vienna: a good reason to explore this area a little bit.

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