bernd margotte photography

Zeitraffer Filme

Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights in the Arctic
Muonio, Finland

These time-lapse shots were taken during a two-week stay in Muonio, Finnish Lapland, on the border with Sweden. Thanks to an optimal dark location we were able to observe polar lights virtually every clear night. The activity was not very high, but nevertheless good sightings were possible. For the first time we could also observe a pulsation of the northern lights, which can be seen in the time-lapse video.

Bellwald Winterscapes
Bellwald, Switzerland

The frames for this film were taken during a one-week stay in Bellwald, Switzerland. The village is situated on a hill in the canton of Valais, with a wonderful view of the neighbouring valleys and mountains. The cloud formation on the southern slopes of the valleys is particularly interesting. At night, the lights on the snow cats in the neighbouring ski area can be easily observed.