Time Lapse Movies


February 2013, Aurora in Muonio, Finland

These time lapse movies were shot during a 2 week stay in Februry 2013 in the vicity of Muonio in Northern Finland close to the Swedish Border. There was a lot of aurora activity during our stay even though bright auroras were seldom; but with a good location aurora views were possible almost every day with good weather conditions.

February 2014, Bellwald, Switzerland

These Time Lapse Sequences were shot during a one week stay in the alpine village of Bellwald in the western part of Switzerland. Cloud built up on the southern slopes are visible and on the night sequences you can find the lights of machines preparing the slopes on the ski resort on the other side of the valley.

Single Sequences

On this page you'll find a collection of my time lapse films which I recorded in the near past. If you're interested in the technique of Recording time lapse movies please have a look on my technical article (only in German at the moment).

To give you an impression of the acceleration factor (the factor that indicates how accelerated you'll see the movie in relation to a ‘normal movie') I added some technical data to each movie. For example you'll find the Recording time and the movie length.

The movies are quite large in their native format (around 100MB per movie). To keep download times on an acceptable level I compressed the movies either in resolution or by increasing data compression. The movies are now well below 10MB, however, the quality is sometimes quite degraded. I think the movies will still give an impression about what you can do using time lapse technique.

If the Flash Player is installed on your browser direct viewing within your browser is possible (make sure the security settings on your browser allow movie play back using the plug in). If security will not allow direct playback and you don't want to change them you may try to download the movies by right clicking on the small right preview window and the play them back locally using the Quick Time Player. The right window is for playback in Quick Time format, i.e. the Quick Time Player is required either for direct viewing onscreen or to view locally. Please note that further distribution is not allowed if you choose to download the movies.

All movies are embedded in Flash Format (lift, big preview window) and in Quick Time Format (right, small preview window).


Dezember 2011, Sars and the moon's halo The winter months are predestinated to produce long night time-lapse movies. In this movie you'll see the earth's movement, the moon to set, (don't miss the moon's halo) and clouds will pass by. The wind changes its direction several times; have a look at the smoke at the bottom of the picture. And what are the reddish halos in the beginning of the movie? Reflexes from the Christmas illumination! Interval: 60sec
Recording time: 12 hours 45 minutes
Filmdauer: 27 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 1'800x
Quick Time Movie Dezember 2011, Sterne und Mondhalo
Dezember 2011, cloud-dance Clouds are always impressive to watch in time-lapse movies. The slow motion of the cloud is simply not visible to the naked eye. In this movie you'll see dissolving cumuls clouds at the horizon while another cloud layer is passing by in the foreground. Interval: 5sec
Recording time: 42minutes
Movie duration: 17 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 150x
Quick Time Movie Dezember 2011, Wolkentanz
August 2011, Graz, Night Planes are passing the sky all the time, most of the time not recognised by us. But due to the long exposure time in night time movies, their trail is nicely recorded. In the valleys the mist is building and moves up and down. Interval: 1 Minute
Recording time: 9.3hours
Movie duration: 15 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 1800x
Quick Time Movie August 2011, Graz, Nacht
August 2011, Graz, sun dial Yes, we all know that the shadow on the sun dial is moving with the sun. Now we can see it in a time lapse movie and the shadow is not only moving but also changing in length. Interval: 1 minute
Recording time: 9.3hours
Movie duration: 8 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 1800x
Quick Time Movie August 2011, Graz, Sonnenuhr
August 2011, Bern, apartments In these multi storey buildings the lights from all the apartments go on and off like a light dance while the clouds are rushing by. Interval: 2 minutes
Recording time:5.8hours
Movie duration: 6 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 3600x
Quick Time Movie August 2011, Bern, Wohnsiedlung
August 2011, Graz, Cumulus-Clouds Some cumuls clouds are built up along mountain ranges, here the Schöckl close to the Austrian city of Graz. The air is warmed on the hill sides and rises up rapidly. Interval: 2 Minute
Recording time:5.8hours
Movie duration: 6 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 3600x
Quick Time Movie Herbst 2004, Gornergrat
Autumn 2004, GornergratIn the autumn of 2004 I spent some days on the Gornergrat, an alpine station in the region of the Matterhorn in Switzerland . There I had time to observe the fast changing weather situations and was able to capture some with my digital SLR. The beautiful scenery with the Materhorn being the main actor is overwhelming.
Interval: 10sec
Recording time: 80minutes
Movie duration: 16 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 300x
Quick Time Movie Herbst 2004, Gornergrat
Winter 2005, Wahlendorf, Switzerland, Risisng of OrionFrom our late home we had an open view to the east. The rising of planets and stars was very good visible and therefore I recorded many time lapse movies in this direction. In autumn, the rising of the Orion is a very special moment (a long lasing moment) to capture.
Interval: 55sec
Recording time: 3 hours 20 minutes
Movie duration: 7 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 1650
Quick Time Movie Winter 2005, Wahlendorf, Aufgang des Orion
Summer 2007, Cinque Terre, ItalyDuring our last vacations at the west coast of Italy we were struck by the ever changing colour of the sea. We were quite unclear about the origin of dark areas in the sea. The time lapse movie gave a very simple explanation: Fast moving cloud throw shadows on the open ocean.
Interval: 10sec
Recording time: 57 minutes
Movie duration: 13 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 300
Quick Time Movie Sommer 2007, Cinque Terre
Autumn 2007, Sweden, Stockholm SkärgartenIn the summer of 2007 we rented a cabin at the beautiful coast of eastern Sweden : Relaxing while the SLR is busy Recording time lapse movies. This is probably the most comfortable way taking pictures.
Interval: 5sec
Recording time: 57 minutes
Movie duration: 18 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 150
Quick Time Movie Herbst 2007, Schweden, Stockholmer Skärgarten
Winter 2006, Lapland, FireA burning fire is a good example of slowly but continuously changing action which is easily recordable with time lapse techniques. The accelerated playback is very smooth: Watching it the first time you'll probably miss all the changes and suddenly there is only charcoal.
Interval: 10sec
Recording time: 55 minutes
Movie duration: 11 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 300
Quick Time Movie Lappland, Feuer
Spring 2006, Wahlendorf, SwitzerlandThis is a movie of a whole day! You'll see the sun rise, the shadows move, the snow is melting, the moon rises, the lights get low, some airplanes pass and then the stars are rising...
Interval: 52sec
Recording time: 13 hours
Movie duration: 52 seconds
Acceleration Factor : 1500
Quick Time Movie Ein ganzer Tag als Film
Spring 2009, Piran, SloveniaThe bay of Strujan shows alot of action on a sunny Sunday. Many boats come to anchor in the sheltered location and people come to take a sunbath or take a swin. The monday morning after that, your alone again....
Interval: 5sec
Recording time: 2 hours 8 minutes
Duration: 52 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 150x
Quick Time Movie Istrien Film 01
Frühling 2009, Piran, SlowenienSame vantage point as above: This time the movie shows people swimming.
Interval: 5sec
Recording time: 36 minutes
Duration: 14 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 150x
Quick Time Movie Istrien Film 02
Frühling 2009, Wien, ÖsterreichThis day showed a enormous cloud movement even though ground wind speeds remained well below 10km/h. This movie was recorded with a fish eye lens mounted on a APS-C sensor camera pointing vertically into the sky. Interval: 3sec
Recording time: 84 minutes
Duration: 56 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 90x
Quick Time Movie Wolken über Wien
Autumn 2009, Scorpion and the Milky Way, SeychellesThe Seychelles are a good place to take Astro Photos, as the Stray-Light is still very low and usually the sky is very clear. If you life on the north hemisphere, the constellation Scorpion is probably not a regular view. Interval: 30sec
Recording time: 2 hours 47 minutes
Duration: 14 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 750x
Quick Time Movie seychellen1
Autumn 2009, Clouds in two layers, SeychellesClouds are frequently seen moving in two seperate layers. This is a fascinating thing to study but without acceleration, the observation is not that easy. The time lapse movie shows this scenario in a very impressive way. Interval: 5sec
Recording time: 46 minutes
Duration: 22 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 125x
Quick Time Movie seychellen4
Autumn 2009, Clouds above North Island, SeychellesOn the Seychelles we were very happy renting a beatiful small cabin with a great view over the Beau Vallon Bay and the two islands Shilouette and North. Very frequently, clouds did built up on Shilouette with its large hills and mountains and did then drift over towards North; an impressive sight. Interval: 5sec
Recording time: 46 minutes
Duration: 22 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 125x
Quick Time Movie seychellen5
Summer 2010, Clouds above the Schöckl, Steiermark, Austria The Mountain "Schöckl" is the highest in the area of Graz in Southern Austria. Evene though its a mere 1400m in height, it's still a wonderful sight as it stands out from all the smaller hills in it's vicinity.Interval: 30sec
Recording time: 11hours
Duration: 45 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 750x
Quick Time Movie schöckl01
Summer 2010, Cumulus clouds above the Schöckl, Steiermark, AustriaIn the Sommer time, hills with southerly slopes are a good place for Cumulus clouds to build up when the slopes are warmed up by the sun and the air begins to rise.Interval: 30sec
Recording time: 4hours 30 minutes
Duration: 18 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 750x
Quick Time Movie schöckl02
Summer 2010, Brixham, Devon, England Brixham in southern England is a beautiful fisher village and best suited for time laps movies as English weather is always changing.Interval: 5sec
Recording time: 1hour 50 minutes
Duration: 41 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 125x
Quick Time Movie schöckl02
Summer 2010, Brixham, Devon, England Again Brixham with a view over the harbour and the hilly town areas.Interval: 10sec
Recording time: 2hours 10 minutes
Duration: 26 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 250x
Quick Time Movie schöckl02
Februar 2011, Graz, Austria Lenticulares Clouds are constantly flown through by winds that follow vertical wavelines. As the air reaches a certain altitude, the water condensens and vice versa when the air is dragged down again. Such, the cloud is constantly built on one side while it evaporates on the other. While this process is hard to see by the naked eye, it can easily be observed with the help of a timelapse movie. Interval: 10sec
Recording time: 7hours 15 minutes
Duration: 78 seconds
Acceleration Factor: 250x

Quick Time Movie Graz_Foehn
Januar 2011, Graz, Austria During a solar eclipse, the earth is reached by only a part of the solar radiation and such is getting darker. While this process is almost not observable by humans due to the ability of the eye to compensate for such a slow moving process, it is easily seen on a time lapse movie. This movie shows the landscape around Graz in Austria during the 70% solar eclipse on the 4th of January 2011. After sunrise, the sun is partially blocked and the light gets dimmer again.Interval: 30sec
Recording time: 3 hrs
Duration: 10 sec
Acceleration Factor: 900x
Quick Time Movie Graz_Sofi

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