About Bernd

I started into photography at the end of high school about 18 years ago. My first approach was with traditional silver black and white printing. We had a small darkroom at high school but soon built up my own at my parent’s home using the old enlarger of my father. With all the great West Coast photography in mind I mainly ventured into Landsacpe photography.

During University my interest in landscape photography evolved and also slide as a new media for me came up. I started producing slide shows with 4 Kodak carousel projectors and a programmable dissolve unit and a 4 track cassette recorder.

After University, digital photography was still not matured and I ventured into panorama photography with a XPAN using again black and white film as well as colour negative film. Printing in the darkroom (it was my fourth dark room) became complicated, especially with XPAN negatives and the colour process and scanning and ink on paper was on the door step. Even though I was still reluctant buying a digital camera (I was heading for a digital SLR) I was already using the digital process after scanning my slides and negatives. The last analogue years I mainly used rangefinder systems as the XPAN and the Contax G2.

After I finally purchased my digital SLR, the fieled of interest changed again and is now in the details. I learned a lot about macro photography and the aesthetic of pictures. It feels like the technical dominated years are coming to an end and I can finally concentrate on what photography is all about: taking pictures.

Bernd in Ireland, May 2003

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