News 2015

8. Oktober 2015, Skrova, Lofoten

Skrova is a very small island south of the Lofoten main city of Solvaer. It is easily reachable by ferry boat leaving from Solvaer. Nested in the Westfjord it is the ideal starting point for fishing in the Westfjord. Skrova once located 8 fish factories and it was known to have one of Norway's highest Millionaires densities; but this is quite a while ago and today Skrova lies quiet and isolated but with a fantastic view of the Lofoten wall: Skrova, Lofoten.

10. February 2015, Bellwald and Goms

The small village of Bellwald lies on a slope with beautiful views above the valley Rhone in southern Switzerland. The old part of the village is still in very good shape and you can finde the traditional old wooden houses which are still wide spread in the area. You can also find them in the upper part of the Rhone valley which is called Goms; it's known for its fine cross country ski slopes: Bellwald and Goms.

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