News 2014

3. October 2014, Time Lapse Movies

Time lapse sequences get even more impressive when a whole lot is combined into a movie and music is added. These movies are 3 to 4 minutes long and you can guess how many single pictures were required when shown with 30 frames per seconds: Time Lapse Movies.

30. September 2014, Bern: Street Views

Street Photography is one of my favourite fields in Photography. It's relaxing to roam the city streets and look out for all the bizarre or typical things, which might get lost in day to day life. Some things that are present everyday suddenly don't get the attention anymore but if you take your time and look deeper lots of fascinating details may be found: Bern: Street-Views: Bern Steet-Views.

30. July 2014, Obersteinberg

At the very end of the Lauterbrunnen Valley in the Swiss Canton of Berne a amazing alpine hike starts. After climbing uphill a fascinating mountain world unfolds and offers an overwhelming flora with a vast variety of plants: Obersteinberg.

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