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13th November 2012, Minhasa Highland, Part2

The second part of my pictures if the Minhasa Highland are now online. The Highands, which lay in the northern part of Sulawesi, one of the big island of Indonesia, are still very wild with their high volcanoes, the wild forests, the large rice fields and the beautiful Tondano lake: Minhasa Highlands 2

9th November 2012, Manado

The capital of North-Sulawesi was once known to be one of the most beautiful of Asia; this time is long gone and today the city hasn't any great sightseeing sites to visit. But if your interested in the pure city life, this is definitely an interesting place to be. The pictures in this gallery were recorded during several trips into the town either by foot or by minibus: Manado.

7th July 2012, Minahasa Highland

The road that leaves Manado (North Sulawesi, Indonesia) to the south winds through the tropic forests into the Minahasa Highland. The climate at this altitude is much nicer compared to the heat of Manado city. The frequent rain showers lower the temperature even more. First, we reach Tomohon, with its large highland market, mainly known for offering dogs, snakes, forest rats and bats. Further south stretches the beautiful Tondano lake encircled with forest hills and featuring many fisher huts at its shores: Minahasa Hghland.

6th July 2012, Garbage Beach

There were times when flotsam mainly consisted of mussels, trunks or wooden parts from ships. Nowadays, more and more all sorts of containers are found on the beach, mainly PET bottles because of their brilliant buoyancy. They are even used by the local fishermen for their nets. But by times, even these parts are demolished by the surf and ever smaller parts will nicely merge with the natural materials of the beach. How natural will this beach in the coming years?: Garbage beach.

20th May 2012, Clouds over HongKong

HongKong lies within the tropics, it lies 22°15' north. Compared to Europe, where the atmosphere extends up to 10'00m, the clouds extend in the tropics up to 15'000m. The view of these giant cumulus clouds is simply spectacular, especially if you cross all the cloud layers during descent: Clouds over HongKong. There are more cloud galleries on this page.

2nd April 2012, Barcelona, Part 2

Starting a decent hike from El Poblenou heading south-west towards the centre of Barcelona, you'll experience the transition from suburbia towards the central district with its narrow, darker alleys. If you then continue your walk in the same direction you'll reach Montjuic, the mountain in the centre of the city which is also the home of the Olympic stadium: Barcelona, Part 2.

31th March 2012, Barcelona, Part 1

In early March it’s still quite cold and winterly here in south-eastern Austria and its therefore great to catch up with spring time and get some sun in the already warm Barcelona. This time will bring very exciting warm light as the sun is still low on the sky, i.e. a large part of the day is ideal photo-light. I like to roam the outer parts of large cities. The suburbias are the centre of local life and much less touristy than the centre. The first part of this Barcelona photo journey covers two walks, one heading towards the centre, the other heading out: From the eastern El Polblenou heading towards Barceloneta and heading towards Parc dels Auditoris: Barcelona, Part 1.

17th February 2012, Graz at night, panoramas

If you are shooting panoramas in a stitching process care needs to be taken with moving objects. They can make the stitching difficult. The whole thing gets even more demanding in the city at night, where all the movement in combination with the lengthy exposure time make the task difficult. But the resultas are worth all the effort: Graz at night.

15th February 2012, Graz at night

The winter time is great for doing night photography in the city. As the days are short dawn is early and there is enough time to wander the city. The few people on the street give the scenery a special touch. But the last weeks have been that cold in central Europe, that you couldn't stand the cold for long; it was still possible to take some photograhs: Graz at night.

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