News 2013

19th November 2013, Tangarne

Astronomically autumn starts in the middle of September; here in the north, the leaves change colours a lot earlier and in mid September the first peak is already reached and it won't be long before the trees have lost all their leaves and the most quiet time of the year will start: Some impressions from Tangarne.

16th October 2013, Aletsch

In the south-west of Switzerland, in the county (Canton) of Wallis lays the largest glacier of the alps, the Aletsch-Glacier. It is a massive glacier and its possible to follow its last kilometres on a panorama trail. If you start in the north, you can get very close to the ice, you can even touch it, and get very good impression of the sheer size of the ice masses. The glacier transport huge blocks of rocks and rearranges everything that is in its way; the whole landscape along the trail is formed by the glaciers and you will have marvellous outlooks; it's a fascinating experience: Aletsch.

15th May 2013, Busstops 2011-2012

The collection of bus stop pictures is growing continously: Busstops 2011-2012.

15th May 2013, Tokyo

Some weeks ago I had the great opportunity to visit the impressive capital of Japan. I took home many impressions and also some photographs: Tokyo.

24th March 2013, Auroras

This year, we were extremely lucky with the weather during our stay in northern Finland and we could observe many auroras even during low activity times of the earth magnetic field. The location with low light pollution was perfect for aurora watching: Polarlights 2013.

14th January 2013, Höö Nature Reserve

The nature reserve Höö lies in the southern part of the Swedish province Smaland, which itself is found in the south of Sweden approximately 100km north-east of Malmö. The goal of the reserve is to preserve the old  landscapes shaped by traditional farming methods. To clear the fields from stones wide stone walls were build up on the edges of the farm-fields; they now separate grazing lands from forests. The stone walls are rich of moss and even small mushrooms are found, the ideal ground for macro photography; for once you don't need to crawl on the ground: Höö nature reserve.

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