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30th December 2009, Seychelles Animals

The Seychelles offer many different species which are mostly easily to discover. The pure amount of species may not be plentiful, but there are big numbers of rare and endemic animals to be seen. The birds are always around: Madagaskar Foody, Indian Myha and Seychelle Bulbub are found in your garden. The beach will offer birds like the Fairy Tern, the Green-backed heron and the Curlew. But there are not only birds. Beside the crabs, the skinks and the spiders the fruit bats are most impressive. Have a look!

The new title photo of the Green or Day Gecko (Phelsuma linginsulae) is also from this gallery.

18th December 2009, Seychelles Rock Sculptures

The Seychelles are know primarily for their white beaches. But only the combination of the bright sand and the granit rocks makes the beaches something very special. This portfolio concentrates on the rocks: Seychelles Rock Sculptures.

16th December 2009, Luosto Panorama

This years winter holiday brought us to Luosto, north of Rovaniemi. The wide panoramas are best seen on a larger screen.

14th December 2009, Living in the Seychelles

These few images show what's live is all about in the Seychelles; at least that's what the tourist sees... : Living in the Seychelles

12th December 2009, Canon 5DMarkII field report

After 5 years of very successful photography with the Canon 20D I changed last summer to the 5DMarkII. After 7000 exposuresd I have experienced the camera quite a bit and would like to share some impressions in this report.

8th December 2009, Seychelles: Anse Major

At the western end of Beau Vallon Bay in the northwest of Mahé, the main island of the Seychelles Islands , lays the beautiful bay Anse Major, which is only reachable by foot (or boat). The trail through the nature reserve guarantees beautiful vistas of bays and the rain forest on the steep slopes of the close by mountains.

7rd December 2009, Seychelle BeachLeaves

It's been some time since I last updated this page. Extensive travelling and moving to a new location required some time, but now its time to work on all the pictures that I shot in the last three months. The portfolio "Seychelle BeachLeaves" is from our 4weeks stay on the main island of the Seychelles, Mahé. Most of the pictures were taken on the beach of Beau Vallon. The new title picture is from this portfolio.

3rd August 2009, new title picture

The new title picture shows a juvenil red-backed shrike photographed at the nationalpark close to the Neusiedlersee in Austria.

1st August 2009, Neusiedlersee

The Seewinkel at the nationalpark is quite close to Vienna, i.e. its easy for me to visit this fantastic reagion oftentimes during the year. The juvenil birds are now seen everywhere and the flora is in full blossom.

31. Juli 2009, Istanbul

Istanbul is an absolutely fascinating city with many different faces. That's the reason why my gallery ended quite extended and I hope the many pictures of the metropol at the bospous are not too much for you.

24th June 2009, Neusiedlersee2

The Nationalpark Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel can easily be reached from Vienna and at this time of the year its even worth travelling there later in the day as the evening light lasts very long: Many oppurtunities to photograph birds and the light scenery of that flat landscape.

20th June, Montpellier

The city of Montpellier is a wonderful place. The old town with its narrow alleys is inviting even in summer time when the ancient builduings make sure its not getting too hot.

20th June, Drainpipes

You might probably think I'm cracy, taking photographs of drainpipes. Walking through the narrow, old alleys of the old town of Montpellier all the drain pipes in their different colours, surface structure catched my eye. They seem to be all the same, but they have so many faces.

10th June, Time Lapse Movies

To create time lapse movies is a fascinating experience. This article describes the technical approach and gives you a good start into creating some fascinating movies with your equipment at little extra cost. Have a look at my time lapse movie page to get an impression on what's possible.

8th June, Neusiedlersee

June is the mating season at the Neusiedlersee Nationalpark called Seewinkel. Some birds are already in company of the next generation while others are still breeding or are just getting the newborns.

7th June, Time Lapse in Istria

Its been quite some time since I put my last time lapse movie online. However, I have been actively producing new time laps movies over the past year. Some of my newest ones are no online.

6th June, Istria

Travelling to the Slovenian side of Istria I was impressed by the beauty of the villages and the landscape. Until then, Slovenia was alsmost unknown to me. The new title Image is also from this travel.

21. April 2009, Snowscapes 2

There is a new portfolio photographed during our last stay in Finnish Lapland: Snowscapes 2

5th February 2009, Photography in the cold

Travelling to the north in the winter time quite frequently I thought I will write down my experience with photography in the cold, the problems that can occure and what you can do to successfully take pictures in more severe environments.

29th Januar 2009, Folio Folder

After more than a year struggeling with producing a folio folder I finally succeeded. I hope this report will give you some insights and will pave you the way to more easily the goal of your own folio.

I added some pictures and some text to my report on the external power supply: The system was redesigned and I'm now able to parallel power a star tracker and the camera alternatively from a PSU or a battery pack.

Finally, the Technical page was redesigned for easier navigation.

8th January 2009, Nodalpoint the 2nd

My article about Panoramaphotography now includes exactly measured data for the nodal points for my system which you are welcome to use for your set up.

2nd January 2009, Title picture

The new title picture is from my folio Snowscapes.

2nd January 2009, Folios

Based on my recent activities regarding my now folio presentation folder, I updated and enlarged some of my folios. The Refinery folio now consists of 27 images, the Kolviken folio consists of 16 images. All folios can now also be downloaded as pdf files.

The following folios are now available:

  • Snowscapes, 16 Images, the pdf file can be found hier.
  • Water, 17 Images, the pdf file can be found hier.
  • Kolviken, 16 Images, the pdf file can be found hier.
  • Refinery, 27 Images, the pdf file can be found hier.
  • Wildstrubel, 15 Images, the pdf file can be found hier.

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